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Nothing feels quite as celebratory as bubbles in your glass!

The Bubbles class explores sparkling wines from around the globe.

You will learn sparkling wine's surprising food pairings.  

We start with the leaner styles of Northern Italy, learning about Prosecco.

We then move into Spanish, California and Australian sparkling wines.

We then arrive at Champagne, the venerable sparkling of France. Guests 

will learn the history of Champagne--it's quite juicy! You will also experience

detecting the differences in flavor profiles, as well as the different methods of

making this fabled beverage. We will also discover some hidden gems of the

sparkling dessert wines category and learn to pair them with wildly interesting desserts. 


You will take home a list of Champagne cocktail recipes you can try at home,

along with a classic, elegant 1950's version.


$125 per person (a minimum class of 6)

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