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Rosé Wine Class

 Rosé has finally made a comeback!  White Zin ruined the pink stuff for far too long, offending proper drinkers everywhere. Many of us started off drinking white zin, a

gateway wine I call it, and in that regard, it had its place. I wish I had a photo of my

explosive perm, acid wash jeans and my 1.5 of Berringer white zin. Actually, maybe its

better that I don't. Thankfully, the vestiges of negative judgement against the pink stuff have faded.  There are so many elegant examples made around the world with exciting stylistic differences!


Our Rosé class explores the varying methods used to make Rosé, as well as allows

you to experience the vastly different styles in which it is expressed from regions

around the globe. Provence, France is known for making beautifully floral wines. Additionally, many places, including Portugal, California, Spain and Austria are

making lovely examples of this elegant drink.  The food pairings are wildly varied,

since Rosé pairs so beautifully with a myriad of flavors.


(a minimum class of 6)

"Rosé goes with everything." ~ Julia Child

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