We are excited to offer 2021 Summer Photography Camps for kids in
Huntsville, Alabama!

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To Register for Camp:

Call 209.670.5570

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  2. your 
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We are offering 3 Fun Photo Camps in June

We are excited that you are interested in our summer photography camps for kids! We are offering 3-day workshops for children ages 7-12 who are interested in learning more about the creative process of taking interesting photographs. Your child will learn the basics of photography- focusing on lighting, framing, and shooting perspectives. We focus quite a bit on creativity. Photography is a great way to encourage children to see the world in new and engaging ways! 

Day 1: 
We will start with a fun ice breaker so that the kids get to know one another and feel comfortable making new friends. We will then go over some simple but important safety rules that each camper must follow. The campers will work individually, in pairs, and as a group, which teaches cooperation. We will do "PHOTO STOPS" 
where the kids stop and look for
interesting things to capture.

Work on a creative self-portrait at home.
Encourage your child to pick a place in your home or yard, and try different angles and ideas about how to express themselves in a still image. Evaluate the photos with your family or friends. Your whole
family can get involved and give feedback. 
Get involved with them in the process!
Day 2: 
We will put into practice more photo concepts and utilize what we have learned. We will start seeing their work develop as they gain confidence in their abilities. This is our favorite part! Watching them express their own creativity is so much fun!
Day 3:
Day 3 of camp is themed. We will have a variety of props and fun things for the kids to engage in!

The Camera
Any digital format camera is great! This can be anything from an iPhone to a professional camera. The class focuses on concepts & creativity, so any type of camera will work fine. 


Parents can drop off their child at the Light tree at 8:30 AM each day directly across the street from St. Mary's Catholic Church. We will be there to receive your child. From I-565, take the Jefferson 19C exit.

The Address is: 201 Jefferson Street

For Pick up between Noon & 12:15: 
We will be in the gallery, 1 block down on the right
We will have someone outside to receive your child

Instructor Bio

Lynn Rich has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. She graduated from the University of Florida, minoring in photography. While at UF, she won awards for her infrared landscape and portraiture work. Lynn was classically trained in the dark room, but naturally switched to digital, as technologies changed. In graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, part of her thesis work included a photography installation at the Fox Gallery on UPENN’s campus, showcasing her black and white work. Over the years she has photographed weddings, families and children’s portraits, as well as professional head-shots for companies in the Bay Area of California. She told us that the most exciting assignments of her photography career includes photographing the California Business Women’s Conferences in Sacramento and San Francisco for several years, and being hired to photograph the events and parties surrounding the

Pro Bowl for the NFL in Hawaii.


Lynn is a mom and specializes in High-School Senior Portraits & Photography Camps for children. She was born in Huntsville and grew up in Montgomery and Tallahassee, Florida. For the past 16 years she has lived in Northern California with her husband Jeff, her daughter Madeline, and the family dog Chloe. Soon after the move they adopted their Crazy cat Benji.



Lynn happily says:


“This Southern Girl is finally home!”